Why It’s Important to Make Going Live on Social Media a Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

These days you can go live on any of the Social Media platforms – except Pinterest.

Most business owners struggle with going live – regardless of the platform. Ultimately, it is fear that stops most.

The main reason you want to start using live videos as part of your social media marketing strategy is it is the number one way to increase your visibility on social media.

How often should you go live?

Optimally, once per day. I know that sounds overwhelming, so I recommend once per week to start. As you get more comfortable with it, increase it to every couple of days and work your way up to once per day.

A common reason business owners use for not going live is not knowing what to talk about. I have some tips to help you with that.

  1. Make a list of the top questions’ clients ask you.
  2. Facebook Groups – Read this post to learn how to use Facebook Groups to find content your audience is looking for.

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