What is a ‘Call to Action’ and Why do I need one?

You might have seen the acronym CTA or the term Call to Action, but what does it mean?

When you post on social media or publish a blog post or article or even on a landing page, you want to tell your audience to do something.

It can be to follow you on a specific social media platform or to schedule a complimentary consultation or to click to purchase something from you.

For example, if I share this blog post on social media, I will have a caption to entice people to want to read the post and add “Go here to continue reading my latest blog post (link)”.

CTA’s are important because it allows you the opportunity to guide your audience into becoming leads and/or customers.

If you need help with how to use CTA’s with your social media strategy along with other online marketing strategies, you can schedule a 30 minute coaching call with me here.

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