Michelle does a great job of helping me with presenting myself on Social Media to create a dialogue with others. Her services are cost-effective. Erica M.

Holy cow, I’m so excited it is all I can do to sit still long enough to type this message. I met with Michelle a few days ago and frankly, I had no idea what to expect. Imagine my delight when I discovered that this very friendly, fun woman is just the expert I have been searching for to help me with my business. Yes, by the time we finished with our coffee I knew I would hire Michelle. And that’s just what I did. Looking forward to continued success working with Michelle and Run With It VA. Sandy W.

Michelle is unbelievably organized, efficient and professional. She is highly skilled in tech services and willing to go the extra mile to serve her clients. Highly Recommend. Carrie J.

Michelle is very detail oriented (super useful as VA) and honest about her abilities. (Invaluable) when someone tells you, “I can do that for x dollars an hour but not high in my skill range so you are better off farming that out” that is exactly who I want on my team!  Shanon B.

Michelle is super fast, accurate, flexible and easy to work with. She has helped my business and I would not trust anyone else with all the important tasks I delegate to her. She knows many of the support, business technology and if she doesn’t., she is a super fast learner. I always feel like Michelle has my back and interests in mind. She is AWESOME! JJ F.

Michelle supported my business with her Infusionsoft skills. She knows the system well and meets deadlines. She also works with Survey Monkey, WordPress & eSpeakers. I enjoyed working with her. Vicki H. 

Michelle has been working with me since early 2016 and has been such a blessing. I knew I needed help but when you’ve been a solopreneur for so long, it’s hard to know what to hand off. She offered to dig into my social media presence with which I had been sorely inconsistent. She finds just the right articles to post that are of interest to my clients, as well as promoting my own business posts. I cannot understate how important this is, and how it has kept me in front of my desired audience! I love that she is proactive and does what she says she will do! Two thumbs up! Cathy S.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Michelle in two different capacities – my colleague and our team’s project manager. No matter what role she was in, she handled everything in a professional manner. She communicated well with everyone and was willing to jump in to learn new things. She is able to determine the priorities of a project and guide the project to completion. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone that is need of her services. Mimi K.

Michelle has worked for me for over a year as a virtual assistant supporting my consulting business. Her expertise with managing Social Media and administrative functions have allowed me to focus on other areas of my business. Michelle is a very resourceful and efficient assistant. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to any small business that is looking to grow their business. Pam C.

I have worked with Michelle over the past 6 months on a number of different projects. She provides outstanding expertise in the areas of information technology, social media and marketing, and project management. She is extremely detail oriented with a focus on follow-through. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects. Lisa S.

Michelle is a professional and works with you based on your needs. She walked me through what I requested as well as brought things to my attention that I didn’t know I needed. Her experience stands out and makes her insight and customer service a five star! Teresa D.

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