Our Team

Our Team

Michelle Zenisek

Hi! I’m Michelle Zenisek. I started this Virtual Assistant business after I was downsized from my last job in the Corporate World in 2013.

Prior to becoming a Virtual Assistant, I was in the Telecommunications industry for 15+ years where I focused on system administration and project management. You can view my complete work history and skill set on my LinkedIn profile.

Currently, I reside in Southeast Wisconsin with my two teenagers and I’m also a caregiver to my parents. I love the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Angie Libby

Angie has 16 years of operational support, including 5 years providing paralegal services. She enjoys keeping busy and helping on various projects to help keep everything running smoothly and ensure her clients needs are met and their Pinterest accounts keep growing.

Angie is a wife and mom of 3 and when she’s not working, she’s focused on learning new things and spending lots of fun time with her family.

Christine Conklin

Christine Conklin
Christine Conklin comes with 25+ years of graphic design experience with print production mainly in the catalog, and magazine fields. Creating online is also her passion from social media graphics, newsletters, and websites. She helps mission-driven organizations and entrepreneurs communicate their values, purpose, and expertise by creating visual stories that connect to their audience.
Christine lives on the Oregon coast and takes long walks on the beach, and collects sand dollars when she’s not working. (Beach Bum at heart!)