Instagram Engagement Services

Instagram Engagement


Is it a struggle to engage with your Instagram following?

To achieve organic results on Instagram, it takes time and effort. If we want to see consistent growth, we have to consistently engage with our target audience. 

I use a proven strategy to organically increase engagement on my Instagram account. 

For $497 per month, every day, Monday through Friday, we will do the following on your Instagram account: 

  • Choose top 15 related hashtags to your client’s niche
  • Engage with the top 15 posts from that hashtag
  • Leave genuine comments, preferably at least 5 words  (we won’t just comment with emoji’s, but may include them with the text)
  • Like, comment on accounts related to your client’s niche even if their post is not included in the top 15 posts (example: recent posts)

Are you ready to up your Instagram game?