How to Re-engage With Your List

Consistency is key when it comes to any digital marketing strategy.

I was going strong with blogging and emailing my list every week.

Then life happened and I stopped for approximately 2 months.

Then I struggled with how and when to start back again.

Here’s what I decided:

To just start.

There is no magic secret to how to handle this situation. But when you take a break from emailing your list, you need to prepare yourself that some people will unsubscribe. Don’t take it personally. Let them go and keep moving forward.

If you find yourself in a similar situation where it’s been a while since you emailed your list, just get started.

Blogging is important too as it helps with your website SEO.

If you haven’t emailed your list in 6 months or more, I recommend sending a “re-engagement” email. It’s a short email apologizing for your absence from their inbox and how you intend to start emailing tips and information again. Tell them you look forward to serving them again, but if they wish to unsubscribe, you wish them well and there are no hard feelings.

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