How To Create a Free Opt-in For Your Website

Offering something for free in exchange for an email address is a great list building tool!

The question then becomes – What to offer your target audience?

Well, what makes you want to give someone your email address?

You want to provide something that solves a problem for your audience. 

Let’s say you are a life coach who helps people work through past trauma. What is something you can offer that would solve a problem for your client? Maybe “10 Ways to Stop Letting Your Past Trauma Control Your Life”. 

Ask your audience what they want to know from you. You can do this by going into a Facebook Group where your target audience hangs out and ask the question. Come up with three options for a freebie and create a poll with the three options and let people vote on which one resonates with them more. 

Taking this a step further, once you create your freebie, test out titles for your freebie with your audience in the same way. 

Maybe you are a creative and you are wondering how this applies to you. Think about gift-giving and the struggles people have with what to buy for others.

Whatever you offer, it should help your audience get from point A to point B. Don’t offer guarantees, but tell them how it will help them (Will it help them save time or money?). 

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